Our values

We create outdoor furniture for people who have an uncompromising approach to the quality

of the objects they surround themselves with. We want to help them create a comfortable zone

of relaxation and rest with their loved ones. Check out what it means to us.

We invite you to the world of Bazardo…

Slow life

We deeply believe that it is worth living here and now, focusing on what is really important. That is why the idea of slow life is so close to us.

The modern world is forcing us to live a life that is ever faster, which makes us miss out on a great deal of moments that are worth experiencing and remembering. Thus, it is good sometimes to just slow down, take your time to care for yourself and your loved ones, to pick up a book, have a coffee, watch the sunset or invite friends for a chat with a glass of wine.

We create not only a product, but above all we help clients create a unique zone for rest and relaxation; a place where they will feel comfortable at home in domestic environment but equally in a commercial settings.


Like you, we value the high quality of the things we surround ourselves with. It is quality that constitutes our priority. On quality the Bazardo brand built its foundations and, most importantly, it is quality that has been forever inscribed in our DNA.

Therefore, for the outdoor furniture that we create for you, we choose the best materials available on the market, and we use nothing but the most state-of-the-art technologies for wood and steel processing. It is only in this way that we can make our furniture with the highest precision and can guarantee its durability. We know that this is exactly what you expect of us.

We also know that, alongside quality, design is very important. We like pretty things too, that is why we follow trends and look for inspiration at every step. While creating our collections, we focus on a timeless style. We believe that thanks to this our furniture will look good in your garden both today and in a few years. What about the rest? The rest is only up to you …

Create your outdoor.


Before we start cooperating with suppliers or business partners, we first make sure that, like us, they act with care for the environment. This is an extremely important and unconditional criterion for us. We approach our business responsibly, we believe that, by introducing conscious and comprehensive actions at every stage of production, we look after the health of our planet.

How do we care for the environment?

Wood-based raw materials only from proven manufacturers – there is no place for untested sources, which is why the suppliers of wood components that are used in our factories must be FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. Our fabric suppliers are certified according to Standard 100 by Oeko Tex®, and are therefore harmless for the human health. Our fabrics also fulfil the American requirement regarding total content of lead in children’s articles (CPSIA). We are also proud of our „Bazardo – We Plant Trees” campaign. For every customer that purchases from us, we will plant a tree on their behalf. Each little step is of great importance and at Bazardo we not only want to produce a beautiful product, but we want to do so sustainably and responsibly.



If you know exactly what you want and value flexible solutions, the Infinito collection will meet your expectations. With the most demanding customers in mind, we have created many different furniture modules which will allow you to arrange your dream relaxation zone.


Your garden is your place where you want to feel fully comfortable. We have created Linea so that you can feel free and express your style by personalizing the elements of the collection. Comfort and style? Yes, we know how to combine them well.


Do you think that the best effect is achieved when classic meets modern? Just for you, we have created the Anello collection, where austenistic steel of the furniture construction is combined with exotic iroko wood. It is furniture with character, for those who are not afraid to live outside the box.


The Ellisse collection distinguishes itself by the most classic character. The furniture will be appreciated especially by people who value simplicity and the understated elegance of the form. If you are looking for comfort in an elegant version, then Ellisse is for you.

Dining tables

For as long as we can remember, the tradition of shared meals has been cultivated in our family home. For us, a table is more than just a piece of furniture. This is the place where we celebrate the moments. With our family, with friends. With a coffee in the morning. We have created our outdoor collection of tables and chairs for those who, like us, love to feed not only the body but also the soul.

Dining chairs

Our outdoor dining chairs paired up with the dining tables create the perfect zone for spending pleasant moments together. The highest quality of our chairs makes them also the perfect choice for bars, restaurants, and hotels. Explore our collection and choose the best model for you.