Our story

Bazardo is a family company that creates outdoor furniture with passion and enthusiasm. The process of creating our furniture – from design, through the selection of the highest quality materials, to the precise production process – gives us great satisfaction. We believe that we create not only a product, but above all we help clients create a unique zone for rest and relaxation; a place where they will feel comfortable.

Bazardo is not only at home in a domestic environment but equally in a commercial setting. Its durability is ideal to withstand the heavy use often seen in this sector. Due to the high quality components and fabrics used in the manufacture of our furniture, they can withstand, to name a few, wine stains in a bar, oil stains in a spa and heavy rain & snow on a roof-top terrace. Or even set sail with Bazardo furniture for any of your projects on the high seas. We pay a lot of attention to details and precisely plan the production process of each piece of furniture. In this respect, we never take shortcuts, nor do we accept any compromises.

Quality is inscribed in the DNA of our brand.

When creating Bazardo, we chose to cooperate with business partners and use materials, that allowed us to remain faithful to our principles of sustainability. Our wood suppliers are FSC. certified, which means that when purchasing our products you can be confident that all wood used comes from forests in which: the fauna and flora are protected and the trees are sustainably felled and replanted. Our fabric suppliers hold another important certificate – ISO 14001, which means that they monitor the impact of their processes, products and services on the natural environment.

We are also proud of our „Bazardo – We Plant Trees” campaign. For every customer that purchases from us, we will plant a tree on their behalf. Each little step is of great importance and at Bazardo we not only want to produce a beautiful product, but we want to do so sustainably and responsibly.

We hope you enjoy viewing our collections and we welcome you to our brand.