We understand quality as a mixture of the highest craftsmanship skills, only the best proven materials, smart drainage construction, durability in changing weather conditions and low-maintenance

At Bazardo, we focus on the highest quality of our furniture from the very beginning. We devote a lot of care to it, we invest in first-class materials and state-of-the-art technological solutions. We pay attention to detail and precisely plan the production process of every single piece of furniture. We never take any shortcuts in this respect and we do not accept any compromise. Quality is inscribed in the DNA of our brand.

Bazardo is a team of experienced craftsmen, professionals who have built up their expertise through many years of practice. Our collections are created in the spirit of modernity merged with traditional craftsmanship. That is so because while using modern technologies, ultimately, we deliver the end result thanks to the manual work of experienced craftsmen. Thus, each piece of our furniture is inherently connected with the story of the man who created it. The furniture gets enchanted with his passion, commitment and energy. Such items have a soul. This is something you won’t find in mass-produced furniture.

While creating our furniture, we sourced inspiration from the technologies used in the construction of luxury yachts. That is why our collections are made of the highest quality materials and designed for outdoor use all year round. Special spaces in the structure prevent water from settling on the furniture. The extremely resistant and durable wood in combination with the waterproof fabrics, the quick-drying foams and the highest quality steel make our furniture impervious to changing weather conditions, melting snow, rain or morning dew.

Frames are constructed from Iroko, a large noble deciduous tree native to Central Africa. It is hard, resistant and extremely durable. Due to the high content of natural oils, it is considered „waterproof” and therefore widely used in the marine industry.

Naturally resistant to decay, Iroko wood will flex with changes in temperature and humidity, reducing the likelihood of cracking and chipping. These features make it an ideal construction material for the highest quality outdoor furniture.

In order to fully protect Iroko wood against the negative effects of salt seawater and UV radiation, as well as to minimise the necessity of care treatments, the wood is coated with as many as eight layers of specialised yacht varnish. That provides also a barrier to any kind of dirt, like oil or wine stains. Wood protected in that way does not require any additional maintenance treatment, unlike in the case of wooden furniture protected with oils. It is easy to care for: just use a damp, soft cloth to remove the dirt.

Fabrics should be both beautiful and functional. Such are also the products of our Partner Maria Flora. Cooperation with them gives us a guarantee of the highest quality of production. Thanks to the properties it possesses, it in is ideal for outdoor furniture.

For projects requiring compliance with fire protection conditions (BS5852 Crib 5 Medium Hazard areas and IMO part 7 & 8), our collections are upholstered with flame-retardant fabrics.

Seat cushions are made of a foam, which is characterised by its ability to almost instantly dry after exposure to rain, melting snow, morning dew or washing.

Large, open pores ensure maximum water drainage and air circulation. Thanks to that, the foam does not absorb water, thus reducing the drying time and allowing you to quickly use the furniture immediately after the weather changes.

Thanks to the use of the unique Nano-Silver technology(active silver ions), the foams have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

For projects requiring compliance with fire protection conditions (BS5852 Crib 5 Medium Hazard areas and IMO part 7 & 8), our collections using quick-drying, flame-retardant foams. 

Among all stainless steel types, 316 austenitic steel exhibits the highest resistance to corrosion, oxidation and the influence of weather conditions.

Therefore, this steel alloy is widely used in chemical substances processing, salt-rich environments and even for the production of surgical instruments. It neither corrodes nor discolours under long-term exposure to salt seawater or acid rains.

It withstands very high loads and temperature differences. It heats up very slowly (about 10 times more slowly than aluminium). Due to its properties and noble colour, unpainted 316 austenitic steel is used, next to gold and silver, for the production of jewellery.

All those features make it an ideal material for the highest quality luxury garden furniture.

In addition to the natural beauty of unpainted austenitic 316 steel, we also offer a solution for people who are looking for other shades.

Steel elements can be coated in colours from the colour palette available in the catalogue. The paint applied to the steel structure is in the powder form. The painted element is then fired in a furnace at a temperature of about 205 degrees C. That method of painting and the special composition of the paint make the product resistant to changing weather conditions – low and high temperatures, rain and snow.

High resistance to UV radiation (and so to fading) is confirmed by Florida test certification for standard conformity. Moreover, painted steel products are characterized by very good mechanical properties.

Porcelain stoneware is resistant to chemicals, salt water, oil, high and low temperatures and colour change.

The hardness of the material surface makes it resistant to scratching and abrasion. This material does not require any additional maintenance or treatment.